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RULES - Please read

Post  Yorobot on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:44 am

These are all the rules regarding this forum. If there is something that I missed, please tell me. It is your duty, as a member of this forum, to follow these rules and make sure others respect them as well.

1. All scenes on the entire forum must absolutely be rated T+ at best. No M or A scenes are tolerated here. It is among the website's rules and forums caught with such material will be removed - that means, if you want to keep that forum alive, keep it clean and tidy!
2. In the Anything Chat and its Categories, you can do about anything you want, as long as you don't break any rules. The Anything Goes section accepts mix of chat and RP into it, especially in the "Mansion" topics, which are entirely directed at random chatting and RPing with people and characters alike.
3. Pairings and romance are always accepted in every topic under these simple rules:
3.1 No crack pairing.
3.2 No Canon/OC pairing (This means, no pairing that involves both a fanmade character and a canon, official character) UNLESS both users controlling them agree into it and the pairing is plausible.
3.3 Different pairings are accepted depending on the topics (someone playing Knuckles could pair him with Rouge or with Shade)
3.4 No yaoi, no yuri.
3.5 Pairings that are immoral are not tolerated (ex. incest)
4. As long as these rules are followed, anything can be done in the Anything Goes topic. There can be fights (between characters only, not between users). There can be romance (albeit rated T+ at highest).
5. This entire forum has been created to permit Sonic fans to participate into numerous roleplays and discussions, but it is also directed to permit small Sonic fans to enjoy it anyway. This is why there are Crossover topics, a section non-Sonic and the possibility to use non-Sonic characters in the Anything Chat.
6. Rules regarding the own characters.
5.1 No Mary-Sues, no Gary-Stus, unless they are accepted by the present community and they do not take all the place in a roleplay topic.
6.2 Characters that are not from the Sonic universe nor based on that universe (own characters that would be humans, as an example, because they belong to another series) are accepted in Anything Chat and where applicable. They can be used into an anthropomorphic animal form like the animals of the Sonic series and in the Crossover roleplays. However, only Sonic own characters not based on something else are accepted in the Sonic regular roleplays.
6.3 No killing characters unless it is accepted by the roleplay's users and the killed character's user himself/herself, and if it serves a purpose in the story.
6.4 It is suggested to use the Own Character presentation topics.
7. Do not give your password to someone. No one here will ever ask you about your password. If you are asked your password, denounce the user.
8. In the Sonic-oriented Chat category, not any chat is accepted; only discussions regarding the Sonic franchise and aspects of it are accepted there. Slight roleplay is accepted in the topics (characters talking about themselves), but no own character unless the topic title says clearly something on a discussion about own characters and their possible implication in the franchise.
9. Regular roleplays can only use Sonc canon characters and Mobian (anthropomorphic animal) own characters. No characters based on something else.
10. A roleplay must be accepted by many users before being created; you must make sure more than 2 people will take part in it.
11. A Saga roleplay is a long chain of roleplays all going toward the same story; in other words, it contains topics that have more than 1 part to them. Each time a topic goes into a sequel, both topics are placed in Saga roleplays, under the category that suits them.
12. Crossover roleplays must absolutely combine the Sonic universe and another fandom that exists.
12.1 Characters from other franchises turned into Mobian characters are permitted, and even encouraged, to avoid ending up with lots of humans and only a few Sonic characters.
12.2 Cross-series pairings are accepted (as long as it stays between own characters and the pairing "could" be deemed possible, following the rules previously read about pairing rules).
13. Multicrossovers are crossover topics that include more than just 2 or 3 series.
13.1 All rules about pairings and characters must be applied in these roleplays.
13.2 Multicrossovers will usually be sagas, but on the contrary of the other they will not be moved to a Saga forum.
13.3 In the case of an interseries pairing (in other words, a pairing that appears between two characters from different series into a multicrossover), you must be certain that both characters do work well with each other, and that both authors agree on said pairing.
14. It is only in "Regular roleplays", "Crossover roleplays" and "multicrossovers" that fighting is allowed, and only between characters.
15. In "Sonic characters simply chat", fighting is not allowed, and users are not allowed to chat either; it is only between Sonic characters, both canon and own, and the topics must follow the rules read earlier as well as only imply a discussion between two or more characters.
16. The "Other Series" category has NOTHING to do with Sonic; it is primarily used to discuss series other than Sonic, and play a few roleplays that do not require the Sonic series to exist.
17. Deleted topics are in the Basket section. It is forbidden to reply on these topics.
18. Users who are caught too often breaking one or another of these rules will be banned.
19. Some rules, when broken, are instant ban: Disrespecting the T+ rating of the forum, disagreed killing of characters, yaoi or yuri, linking to forbidden, adult or immoral websites. Denouncing is always welcome as I cannot be everywhere.
20. Have fun!

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