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Category descriptions

Post  Yorobot on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:37 pm

Here is a description of all the categories.

Rules - Users cannot post here except the Administrator. It is a special category that includes all rules of the forum as well as explanations on other systems of the forum.
Anything Chat - This topic includes chatting between users and roleplaying among it. Both are allowed. This section is mainly reserved to chat topics however. No full roleplaying topics.
-Sonic-Oriented Chat - For serious discussions about the Sonic series and everything in it. Roleplaying is still allowed, but less than in Anything Goes.
Sonic Regular Roleplays - Sonic roleplaying only, no chat. If there is chatting, it is only to move on with the story. Crossovers aren't allowed there.
-Saga Roleplays - When two Regular Roleplays are under the same series (as in one is a sequel to the other), both are moved to this category. No single roleplays are allowed here.
Sonic Crossover Roleplays - Only Sonic roleplays that have crossovers implied. This means the Sonic series mized with another series.
-Multicrossovers - When there is more than 3 series implied in the roleplay, it is considered a multicrossover. This means there is a large number of series mixing in the same, and this category is made especially for these.
-Saga Roleplays - When a crossover roleplay topic enters into a sequel, both topics are moved to here. It also applies to multicrossovers.
Sonic Characters Simply Chat - A category where roleplays are still the main activity, but this time there is no violence accepted. This is a peaceful place.
Other Series Chat and RP - This is used to chat about any series other than Sonic. Roleplays can be started, but they will not include Sonic.
Forum games - No roleplays. This category contains all sorts of games made by the users and for which everyone can participate.
Contests - No roleplays nor chatting. This is reserved for contests created by users. The only chat allowed concerns the contests. Fanart, videos, fanfictions... all sorts of contests are allowed.
Basket - Deleted topics are sent there.

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