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Post  Yorobot on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:18 pm

At the very bottom of the page, after the "Users presently online" part, you now hae the choice to "Join the chat". It has to be opened in a new window for now. When you enter the chatroom, click "Log in" on the top-right corner and you will be able then to write your messages. If you want to speak to someone in private or if you would prefer to use a quich replying method, then the chatrom is perfect.

If you want me to keep the chat this way (on a separate window), no need to write here. If you want it to appear on the main page as a smaller version, tell me about it. When I will get more than 5 people who want such, then I will put it there. I also have the choice to put it on top of the main page or to keep it at the bottom of the page; when you will declare your choice on whether or not keep the chatroom on the main page, please tell also if you prefer it on top or at the bottom.

Have fun using that feature!

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