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Post  Yorobot on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:25 pm

Registered users can now post pictures in the Gallery.
There is a possbility to make new galleries (as an example, if you have made a picture for a canon character and want to share it here, or if you want to post special pictures for the games or the roleplays).
There is a rating system added to the feature; this means that for a picture you are viewing, you can rate it using a system of points (I will suppose it goes from 0 to 5). It is also possible to comment on the pictures. Keep the messages nice, and use constructive criticism on picures you dislike, as flames will not be allowed.

I think it would be better to make an album for each user who has pictures of his own characters. If you want an album, ask me on this topic. If you want your pictures to appear among those belonging to users who do not have an album, then don't comment here.

There is a slideshow feature in the gallery.
Finally, if you prefer to see the picture as a popup, there is yet another feature letting you do so.
I suppose everyone can post images for now, so I can just tell you one thing: Go ahead, and show your talent!

The gallery could be used for fanart contests later on, when contests will be made.

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